May 1, 2013

Smashed Avocado with Fried Egg on Toast

Breakfast is easy. Cereal. Or multigrain toast. Maybe oatmeal with walnuts if it’s cold out. Or a blueberry scone if I give in to temptation on a morning run to Whole Foods. 

Dinner is the meal that inspires me. I plan for it. I shop for it. I regularly daydream about it.

But lunch. Now that's the meal that trips me up. When I've got some, I heat up leftovers. But if I have to make something, it must be quick. But substantial. Tasty. Yet healthy. Whole, not processed (though I do have a weakness for Elios cheese pizza, go figure). Filling enough to tide me over until dinner. Heavy on veggies and grains if possible. Oh, and did I mention my intense dislike of cold cuts? 

This open faced sandwich is my new go-to. It fulfills all of my basic requirements. Simplicity at its best. Good-quality multigrain bread. Luscious avocado. A fried egg. (Which, believe me, is just gilding the lily. You could easily leave it out.) A drizzle of olive oil. A sprinkle of salt and pepper.



Step 1. 

Step 2. You could stop right here and be a happy camper.

 Step 3. 

Step 4. Empty plate. Happy belly.

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